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Quilt Disclaimer

There is nothing perfect in this world. I have done many quilts over the years and have hundreds of satisfied customers. By send us your quilt you are putting your faith and judgment in us that we are going to provide you the best service possible. If there are issues with the quilt I will contact you before the quilting process begins. If there are issues during the process I will do my very best to correct the issue and to make it right. Please make sure that your quilt top is squared up before sending it and it lies flat so we don’t have to deal with ruffled or wonky fabric towards the end of the quilting process. By sending your quilt, you agree that you have read and understand that we will do the very best we can to provide you with a quality quilt job but things do happen from time to time.
Contact Us
  • Phone: (505)-879-4288
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  • Located in Battle Creek Michigan
  • please contact for shipping address