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Basket Quilt 64 X 65

 Ready to ship

 Perfect gift for any Loved One!

 How perfect would this quilt look lovingly draped across you quilt rack? Imagine it hanging it on the wall or on the back of your sofa.... The colors in this classic pattern absolutely beautiful!  All fabric is 100% Thimbleberry quilting cotton.  Batting is warm and Natural, only the finest to keep you or your loved one warm during those cold brisk nights.  You will love this quilt in any room of your home. You can bet she will think of you every time she sees it as it lightens her mood and days too!

 Quilt is completely handmade. Machine pieced, quilted and bound, this gorgeous keepsake is made to be well loved for generations to come. It is quilted in a Flower Swirl Pattern that creates the softest and most sought after "crinkle texture" of a true quilt.

 Quilt measures approx. 64"x 65" - a great size to leave sitting on the couch without taking up too much space, but also generous enough to wrap yourself up to keep warm!  A great size to grow with or use as a lap quilt as well.

 This quilt is one to be cherished for the years, you will not be disappointed.

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